Returning to my website after all these years!

I’ve recently decided to get active again making music and spend a bit more time sorting out my own web presence. So this post is really a bit of a placeholder while I get busy redesigning, well, re-thinking my website!

Over the last 5 years I have been a little pre-occupied being a father with 3 little boys to look after.

So my 2020 New Year’s resolution is to get back in the new home studio (pictured above) and get finishing off all those track ideas I have sitting on my hard drive. Also with a bit of luck, I’ll get round to posting some music production and live performance tutorial videos.

Another goal I have is to be a bit more honest about ALL the music I have been involved in over the years and not just share what I have released on Bullet:Dodge, Limbo, Kinky Vinyl, Zodiac Wax and so on. Yeah thats right, it’s going to be full disclosure, wart’s ‘n all!

What we’re talking about here is my Rave, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, and UK Hardcore endeavours that I must admit have had a great laugh doing with my old producer pal Al Storm (Taylor). With 100+ releases, tracks on albums, compilations and countless live performances there’s plenty to share for this audience too. It might be a little fast, bizarre, cheesy at times – if not dreadful, but it’s going to be honest!

(I’ve got so far in this blog post now and I think I’ve managed to work out how this CMS system works (I hope)).

MR Spotify this is for you……. Please have a look through the rest of this site especially the Recent Projects so you can see that I am actually Michael Greig the artist who’s wanting the blue tick next to his profile and have the ability to upload all these tracks I’m going to finish in 2020!